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一、Company Profile

U.Bon Medicine, founded in Zhuhai (a romantic seaside city) in 2003, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the R&D, production and sales of medicine and an operator of health products highlighting brand, scale and profession. U.Bon Medicine has rich marketing experience, good market reputation and a large sales scale in the medicine field resulting from many years of professional operation, with a sales amount up to $50,000,000 in 2012.

U.Bon Medicine is committed to introduce the safe and efficient products, and has abundant channels and rich expansion experience in the registration and sales of imported goods, including the Omeprazole Enteric-coated Tablets, the Clotrimazole Vaginal Tablets and the Tranexamic Acid Capsules.

   U.Bon Medicine has a professional planning team, a strong sales team and a marketing network covering the domestic market; we work rigorously with a fighting spirit and a customer orientation. We would like to work with you for a bright future.



二、Corporate Culture

“Act conscientiously to benefit all” is the tenet of U.Bon Medicine.

   U.Bon Medicine takes moral as the highest standard, which means we are responsible for our partners, customers, the staff and their families, the natural environment we live, as well as the society we serve.

    We would never allow any shortcut of non-professional or non-moral method in fulfilling our responsibility, and our role and influence on different parts of the society must all reflect the high standard we recognize.

三、 The Quality Technology

   The Quality Technology Department implements the quality system and management according to the Chinese policy to ensure the product quality. Meanwhile, it applies for registration for the imported pharmaceutical or medical instruments. It also has its own test room.



四、 Scope of Business:

Its scope of business includes:

l  Selling to chemist's shops;

l  Selling to hospitals;

l  Selling on the Internet.

   U.Bon Medicine has lifted its sales from one single product and brand marketing up to the health product marketing system with its varieties being the core. It has a systematic and all-around pharmaceutical product brand, including the medicine focusing on the respiratory system - Dr. Jobs, the home health care products - Nurse Newcy, and the pediatrics medicine - Wamuel.

    U.Bon Medicine have built a team of product agency and promotion covering the country by 6 sales districts, 30 sales managers and 400 salespersons. In the headquarters of Zhuhai, there is a well-established service team for the whole country, having business with Chinese major chain pharmacies.



五、Storage Management

    The storage management system of U.Bon Medicine is standardized, proper and precise. The warehouses cover an area of 4000 square meters, including the warehouses with temperature control that cover an area of 1800 square meters, containing different storage areas for different medicines and equipped with the instruments for medicine storage and conservation. There is also a complete modern network system carrying out the intellectual procedures for the whole sale process ranging from the signing of the contract, sales and delivery to the issuance of invoices. The establishment of different kinds of electronic account books helps improve the company’s management level and service quality.




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